Vietnam – Japan: Promote cooperation in the field of natural resource and environment, generators using energy from waste

On 4th May 2018, Minister of Natural Resource and Environment – Mr. Tran Hong Ha had a meeting with (Japan) Vice Minister of Environment, Arata Takebe on promoting of cooperation in the field of natural resource and environment, generators using energy from waste in Vietnam.

Opening the meeting, Minister Tran Hong Ha said, over last time, Natural Resource and Environment (N&E) of Vietnam and Ministry of Environment of Japan had many effective co-operations in the field of environment, climate change. The Minister highly appreciated the outcome of the Dialogue in 3/2018. Two sides exchanged, shared many content related to the field of environment, climate change, this includes the pilot cooperation on investment in waste treatment to create electricity, wastewater treatment technologies, support to build and improve capacity…

Minster Trần Hồng Hà and Vice Minister of Environment of Japan Arata Takebe at the meeting

In 2018, On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam – Japan (1973 – 2018),  marking the milestone in bilateral relations with many achievements in cooperation on politics, economics, culture education and people exchange, so, The Minister hope, the relationship between the two countries Vietnam – Japan in general and the cooperation between the MONRE of Vietnam and the ministry of Environment of Japan in particular will be more and more sustainable.

Speaking at the meeting, Vice Minister of Environment Arata Takebe highly appreciated the contribution of Minister Tran Hong Ha in building and developing cooperation relationship in the field of natural resource and environment between the two sides. According to the Vice Minister, the cooperation of the two ministries in the coming time will be concretized through the annual policy dialogue. Within the framework of implementing the Memorandum of Cooperation, two sides will jointly review and propose coordinate activities as well as identify priority areas for cooperation in the coming time.

The Fifth Policy Dialogue meeting was proposed by Japan Ministry of Environment to be held in Vietnam in December 2018 or January 2019 combining with the organization of “Japan Environment Week in Vietnam”. In this program, the two sides will jointly organize workshops to introduce technology of waste to energy treatment technology as well as environmental technologies of Japan in Vietnam. In particular, Japan will invite prestigious businesses to share their experiences and hope to have more Vietnamese enterprises involved to promote cooperation between the two countries’ businesses.

Sharing about challenges in environmental protection in Vietnam, Vice Minister Arata Takebe said, Viet Nam is in a period of rapid economic growth, will arise problems with the high demand for electricity and energy… that will affect the environment. Japan has also experienced these difficulties, so, Japan is ready to share knowledge, experience, technology to help Vietnam to process, build and complete environmental technologies and solutions effectively. Japan Ministry of Environment also hopes the Ministry N&E of Vietnam to be the coordinator to evaluate the need for Japan Minister of Environment to set up functional agencies to coordinate and assist Vietnam to build up plants of waste treatment, turning waste into a resource …


Translated by: ENTECH VIETNAM’s organizer