Fiber Filter ; UV Sterilizer

  1. Reverse Osmosis (RO) System
  • Reverse osmosis can stably and effectively remove dissolved salts, dissolved organic substances

and micro fine particles (living germs, dead germs, and many other micro fine particles) from water. Thus it is ideal for a wide area of applications ranging from production of ultra-pure water to desalination of seawater.


  1. Mobile Plant (System In Container)
  • Its process combined with SS removal and Disinfection. Every system is equipped in container or

mounted on skid so the customer is only required to prepare inlet and outlet piping. For remote place or emergency or any conditions that It may be moved,


  1. UV Sterilizer
  • Disinfection in the water to meet WHO Standard as Tap or Drinking Water.


  1. PE(Polyethylene) Coating / Piping
  • PE Coating has been applied for Ship, Off shore plant, Power Plants, Water-Supply pipes,

Steel tube plants. Especially, main products are coated steel pipe for Vessels, Offshore plant and covered-steel pipes. Anti-corrosion and Better price compared with other materials.


  1. Fiber Filter
  • SS removal filter : 99% of SS removal. 1/2 of chemical consumption rate. 1/3 of OPEX and

CAPEX against conventional system.