Exhibit Profile

Energy saving product and technology

Industry and Construction:

– Equipment and technologies help save energy in the industrial production line

– Thermal equipment, monitor heat loss in the factory

– Cold storage facilities

– Technology and equipment monitoring (directly and via GSM), measurement and reduction of power losses in the manufacturing process

– Materials, products, energy-saving ideas in the field of construction.

Renewable energy new energy:

Device uses solar energy, wind energy, biomass power generation system, nuclear energy (LEU), etc.Liquefied coal, atomic development and safety, regional air conditioning and heating, CES, CHP, CO-GEN, MGT.


Consultancy services, management software, research results serve energy saving activities: organization, enterprise, etc, activities in the field of mining and energy  distribution; The consulting firm energy services (ESCOs).

Transport, Petroleum and Gas:

– Exploration, refining, transport, storage, production, alternative energies (bio-diesel, bio-ethanol and emulsion). Gas monitoring equipment, natural gas generators, gas turbines, industrial gas, burners, industrial equipments, gas appliances, measurement and supply, pipe and safety valve

– Energy-saving technologies or new energy using in transport.

House hold:

Living Solutions in household products high efficiency, energy saving, such as light fixtures, the metal and electrical products, conditioning inverter technology, induction cooker, electric generators brands high productivity, these devices save water sanitation, etc.

Environmental protection product & process technology

Industry’s waste treatment technology:

Industry’s waste and water treatment technology; dust and emissions controlling; noise and odor processing in plants, factories; waste sludge treatment, medical waste treatment.

Processing technology for living environment:

Noise and odor processing in living environment; Exploitation and protection of groundwater resources; Recycling, reuse and recovery of household waste.

Other fields:

Monitoring, Environmental Analysis, Environmental Consulting and Technology Transfer; Land Reclamation; biotechnology in environmental protection, the environmental pollution warning devices, pollution incident response.

Eco-products pavilion:

Eco-products Pavilion is an exhibiting area for exhibitors who want to exhibits their products or services toward environmental friendly trend, including:

– Products being made from clean and recycle material

– Products / services with environmental friendly features

– Producing processes applying environmental friendly and energy saving technologies.